Tik Tok for Law

TikTok for Law Firms 101

In this edition of our social media bootcamp for law firms we cover how your firm can unleash the potential of TikTok. TikTok is a condensed-video sharing platform which allows users to share bite-sized videos. It is all the rage with younger millennials and Gen Z. With over 1 billion active users, TikTok can be your secret weapon in reaching your law firm to by younger clients. Understand the Platform If you’re considering using TikTok as a small business marketing tool, start by creating a small business account and explore the platform. TikTok is best used for demonstrating creativity and building brand authenticity, which is why it’s so popular with younger millennials. If this is your target demographic, you definitely want to try TikTok marketing. With TikTok, you can:
  • Create your own videos: Again – it’s all about creativity and authenticity. Start recording with your phone, add in filters, use cool effects like face zoom, sprinkle in stickers, and so much more. This is the type of content you want to create:
    • Q & A: Answer the most frequently asked questions by your clients
    • Share an opinion: on a relevant public or legal issue – one that allows you to connect with your clients
    • Tour of the Office: Many millennials haven’t even seen the inside of the law firm! Show them what yours is all about
    • Interviews: With staff, with co-op students, with interns – introduce your clients to your core team and build familiarity
    • Educational tidbits: motivate students and aspiring lawyers with relevant educational content (LSAT tips, anyone?) which will keep them subscribed to you
    • Success stories: Happy and uplifting moments with previous clients
    • Community engagement: Are you affiliated with a charity? Community service? Show it off!
  • Add in music: TikTok is integrated with Apple Music, so you can add songs to your videos, remix them, and add effects.
  • Use the right hashtags: Hashtags improve visibility, helping users find you
  • Follow accounts you like: Look for opportunities to engage with other firms on TikTok and like their accounts so you can follow them and see what kind of content they post.
  • Buy virtual coins: TikTok enables users to buy virtual coins with real cash. You can then use these to give others virtual gifts.
Curate User-generated Content While creating your own videos is a good way to promote your firm and bring brand awareness on TikTok, you can also tap into your clients’ content. This is where hashtags come in again. Create a hashtag for your firm and ask your clients to use it whenever they want to ask you questions or communicate with you – enhancing client engagement. You could also run a paid hashtag challenge (more on that below!) This way, prospects learn about your company through the best marketing vehicle: word of mouth. Advertising on TikTok: The conventional and the creative  TikTok advertising is excellent way to get your brand seen by new users and prospects. Here’s how:
  • Brand takeover: When a user opens up TikTok, they see the brand takeover ad before any other user content. You can link the ad to a landing page if you’re making an exclusive offer for TikTok.
  • Native ad: This type of ad plays in between user content. This is the standard conventional ad, but can expose you to a completely new and fresh client demographic.
  • Sponsored hashtag challenge: Sponsor a specific hashtag challenge and advertise on the Discover page. This is a great way to get more engagement for your brand and hashtags.
  • Branded lens: Similar to a Snapchat geofilter, this allows users to incorporate your custom lens into their videos.
TikTok is already optimized for Small Businesses with built-in tools. TikTok for Small Business is a built-in toolkit by TikTok to help your law firm be discovered by new clients. It helps you set up ads, present yourself to the right people, and provides tips for engagement and to increase your follower count. Be sure to check out the Business Learning Center to get your questions answered and learn how to shine on the platform.

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