Good Versus Great Brands: The Quest to Branding Greatness

Good versus great is the difference between making money and being remembered for decades. To recap, the three levels of brands include: I use superlatives to differentiate between good and great brands because the distinction of excellence matters. Most of you reading this will have a good brand. In many ways, having a good brand […]

Three Levels to Branding

After working with hundreds of brands of all sizes, I have realized that brands should not be assessed or judged equally. I often see businesses comparing themselves to brands that don’t make sense to compare to. Branding is like the blank tile in Scrabble; it’s powerful and can mean many different things but is often […]

What You Measure Matters

Managing the ROI Police and Improper Benchmarking. ROI (return on investment) and marketing are never-ending discussions that drive both business owners and agencies grey. Many business owners rely on agencies to drive sales and manage the business’s marketing. Because business owners are often busy, marketing tasks can be reduced to mere checkboxes and scheduled meetings […]

What the F*ck is a Brand?

Seriously, what the f*ck is a brand, anyway? Most people have no idea what a brand is, and because of this, they don’t know how to measure its success, importance or where to place it on the balance sheet.

The ‘Good Enough’ Problem & How it’s Killing Your Business.

Today, I want to focus on the ‘good enough problem’ and explore why many CMOs, business owners, and CEOs get hit hard and experience the downfalls of opportunity cost because things are “good enough.” When things are “good enough,” there is a tendency to neglect deeper analysis and efforts to improve the brand.

Marketing Opportunity Costs

ou Don’t Know What You’re Missing.

Opportunity Cost is a concept often used in microeconomics that weighs the impact of selecting one option instead of another. An opportunity cost is the value of the option not taken when a business makes a decision. For example, if a business is deciding whether to…

You Are Not the Hero.

Today’s article highlights a crucial mistake that I bet 90% of you are currently making in your marketing.

Your problem is that your marketing is all about you when, really, it should be about the customer.

This problem is best seen with service-based businesses. They’re the ones who suffer from this issue the most, and they suffer comically. This problem is everywhere in marketing, but…

Your Focus on the Competition is Killing Your Brand.

This week’s article hits home. Many well-intentioned business owners kill their brands because of their competitive tunnel vision. This week’s words of wisdom are to stop focusing on your competition; they probably don’t know what they’re doing, and echoing them just brings you both down…

Positioning: How to Own Your Industry & Win ?

The best way to get customers to sell your product or service for you is by positioning yourself to be worth talking about. 

I talk a lot about the power of positioning in my videos and how important it is for professional service providers to adopt…

Most People Still Use Hashtags Wrong

Hashtag 101: To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag 

As of this writing, the use of hashtags is heavily debated, with a strong divide on whether or not they are relevant. The platforms don’t provide clear direction or insight on this matter, so all answers…