Meet Your Experts

Camille is a Marketing and Branding phenom who works with successful companies and individuals to create powerful brands and impactful digital strategies. Camille enjoys a large following on social media of marketing professionals, top influencers and industry powerhouses. Phillip is a combat veteran with specialized training in Information Warfare, Psychological Operations as well as a Masters in Culture and Negotiation. He is an entrepreneur, recovering lawyer and Strategy Coach who brings a unique perspective to problem-solving and dynamic strategic planning. He consults directly with CEOs and business owners when they require solutions beyond the scope of their existing teams.

Camille Moore

Founder & President

Camille is a Marketing and Strategy phenom who works with large corporations to improve and modernize their digital marketing strategies. Camille was Director of Marketing for a large Publicly Traded Company and holds extensive experience in Brand Strategy as it relates to Professionals. Ms. Moore is able to bring a razor focus to the issues that affects most businesses’ relationship building, brand loyalty and powerful messaging. Her expertise is bridging the gap between the old and the new as she is dialed into the trends, fashion, and style of the younger market segments while fluent in the language of business and boardroom decision-makers.

Phillip Millar

Co-founder & Senior Strategic Consultant

Phillip is a retired Combat Officer with multiple operational deployments serving in Specialized units across the world. In addition to over 9 years of post-graduate training, he received while serving with the US, Canadian and British forces training in Information Warfare, Advanced Reconnaissance, Sniper, Human Intelligence, and Psychological Operation. Phillip is a successful businessman, investor, and accomplished lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory environments that govern international business. Mr. Millar brings to TEI a spectacular reputation and pedigree in execution and analysis.