SEO for Attorneys During the Pandemic: Marketing Strategies that will Set Your Firm Apart

While the law has not changed, lawyers certainly have. Prior to the pandemic, a lawyers week would be filled with in-person client meetings, negotiations with opposing parties, and court dates. Now, this is all done virtually. COVID-19 has not only redesigned the day-to-day routines of lawyers, but seriously altered their efforts to attract new clients. 

However, the pandemic has presented an interesting opportunity for lawyers and law firms to use online marketing more advantageous than ever before. CRM marketing, otherwise known as “customer relationship management”, is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to improving a firm’s online reach. 

CRM marketing utilizes a strategic mix of technology and hands-on work to create and maintain a strong relationship with clients at every point of the customer lifecycle. CRM gives firms the invaluable knowledge of tracking when a potential client has visited their website, including their contact page. This research is integral to expanding business, as it allows lawyers to pinpoint a client’s area of interest and reach out to them accordingly. 

Video marketing, podcasts, and blog posts are similarly great tools to help attract new clients. Now that office-visits are less accessible, and less safe, lawyers are still able to present themselves as approachable experts by taking advantage of these visual marketing outlets. A properly executed podcast or video is a great way to establish a powerful and positive first impression on prospective clients. Now that the legal profession has become a largely digital one, a video is the perfect way to give a client a sneak peek into how their potential attorney would present themselves in a virtual courtroom.

By investing in the right equipment and gathering the right team, lawyers have the opportunity to create permanent content that will reach clients of today and tomorrow. A great podcast, video, or blog post will drive traffic to a firm’s site long after it’s initial posting. 

SEO, too, should not be overlooked. It is important to select a marketing form the same way a client would be expected to choose a lawyer: through extensive research and with the goal of finding an experienced expert. An SEO firm with an arsenal of law firms as clientele demonstrates that they not only meet marketing objectives, but ultimately reach more clients and create more business. 

By investing in the right SEO firm and making digital marketing a priority, law firms will have not only overcome the operational challenges created by the pandemic, but set themselves for many successful years to come.

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