How to Build a Law Firm or Lawyer Brand


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The old adage the ‘Know thyself….’  couldn’t be more applicable to mapping out what your personal or business’ brand will look like. 

The starting point is taking an honest look at yourself and your firm and ask:

  • Who do you appeal to (what does your demo look like)
  • Why would you recommend your firm to others
  • What is your personality type, are you outgoing or introverted?   
  • What is my differentiating factor?
  • Where do you think your ideal clients live in the digital world?
  • Does your current website and plan speak to them effectively?
  • What does my personal brand represent as a brand ethos
  • Describe your top 5 clients, what does your ideal client look like?

Once you go through these, the next step is to describe your authentic self when it comes to serving clients. When you know your authentic self, you can start to build a unique personal brand and can leverage that to compete on the ideal playing field that accentuates your strengths as opposed to fighting the big firms on their home turf.  

Build Your Law Firm Brand

To build your brand, you need to answer the following questions to help determine what you’re actually marketing to your clients: 

  • What exactly is your practice? 
  • How do you want people to view your law firm?
  • What kind of brand experience do you want clients to have?

Your brand should convey value, trust, and communicate how exactly you will improve the lives of your clients. This should be evident in not only your content, but through the consistency of your firm’s overall image, style, and voice. Once you’ve created these definitions, put together a one-page, high-level description to distribute to your marketing and content-creating team to ensure that everyone is aligned and on track. 

Client Personas

Create an “ideal client” profile to help guide your marketing strategies. In doing so, you should consider your personas’ demographics, backgrounds, motivations, goals, challenges, and problems. A helpful tool is to create at least one persona for each service your firm offers. 

Developing Your Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel details your client’s journey from finding to hiring your firm. After your client realizes they have a problem, they typically begin to research possible solutions, and select an attorney to assist them. Your marketing funnel is not only based on your client personas, and how they approach their problems, but should focus on attracting them to your site to turn potential clients into actual clients. 

Your Law Firm Website

Your firm’s website will oftentimes act as a first impression to potential clients; it’s important to make sure it genuinely represents your firm’s ideals and capabilities. A strong “About Us” page, informative FAQ section, and comprehensive list of your services are all ways to ensure that your marketing goals are not only met, but surpassed. 

Once all of this is mapped out, the next thing you want to focus on is the actual brand. 

During this stage, you want to ask yourself how you would like to see your brand visualized through images, themes, and colours. A great place to start is googling and then graduating to pinterest where you can actually find images and pin it to a board.

At this stage you are usually ready to hire some professionals who can bring your brand to life.  

At Third Eye Insights we specialize in marketing for lawyers and creating content that connects with humans. To learn more about our business and to receive a free business audit contact us today!  


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