How Professional Businesses Can Leverage SMS Marketing


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If you own a professional business, be it a law firm, financial institution, doctor’s office, etc. chances are you are probably not utilizing SMS texting. The good news is that your competition probably is also not using SMS texting and if you implement it quickly you will be miles ahead of all of your local competitors. 

SMS marketing is text message marketing and is one of the most powerful ways that professional services can reach their customers in a new way. SMS marketing has an extremely high open rate–in fact, according to BirdEye’s 2020 study, text messages have a 98% open rate. Text message marketing also has an average response time of 90 seconds. Compared to emails that have an average response rate of 90 minutes. If you have a new promotion, announcement or are wanting to share important information to your client or potential customers, SMS marketing is a cheap and effective way of spreading your message. 


The professional landscape has overused traditional marketing methods, and let’s face it, the clients are desensitized to the messaging and it becomes difficult to find new ways to find more clients or to sell more services to current clients. Relying on traditional methods alone is a surefire way to burn through big budgets with little to no results. SMS marketing is a new way to share the same message. In fact, the numbers show business text messaging is the most convenient method for customers.  


In order to comply with whatever board/college and/or governing body you are bound under, you will need to get the customer’s consent before sending them text messages that market your business. At Third Eye Insights, we have lots of lead generation methods that can get you new clients’ contact info that ensures clients consent before engaging in any text message marketing. If you want to send messages to past or current clients you’ll want them to sign a consent form that gives you permission to use the client’s contact info for your marketing efforts. 


SMS marketing has huge benefits for small, medium and large size businesses’ the benefits for your individual business is dependent on your industry and personal needs. At Third Eye Insights we’re happy to give you a free consult to explain how SMS marketing could benefit your business. Here are 3 benefits of SMS marketing:

1. Reach Hundreds of Customers at Once: 

Text messaging programs allow formass texting capabilities which ensure that you can send one message to your entire customer list at one time. If you need to get the word out about a promotion you’re offering, you can do so easily and reliably. 

2. Build Customer Loyalty

Text message marketing is a great way to reach customers quickly and efficiently. If a customer has an issue with a product or service you can reach them immediately before they become frustrated and disgruntled. We suggest sending clients a check-in message to see how everything is going. By sending text messages to check-in before an issue occurs you are showing that you are proactive and will build customer loyalty over time. 

3. An inexpensive way to Share Promotions or Upsell Services

Ever hear the old selling trick that it’s easier to sell a current customer more services than to sell a single service to a new customer (second money is easier than first money). Well, its a tried and true method shared by the top salespeople. If you are on a tight marketing budget we recommend spending money on SMS marketing instead of more expensive alternatives like Google Ads or Facebook ads. If you are a law firm and you have a client for personal injury, why not see if they need a will or POA? You can do this easily by sending a quick text messaging campaign to your current client list. 

Text messaging is a highly effective medium for communication. Instead of spending tons of money on clicks and impressions, you can send messages that go directly to your customers’ phones. 

If you want to learn more about text message marketing reach out to our team today! We are happy to offer a free consultation for your business where we will audit your business and provide a customized solution for you! JULY 28, 2020


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