Data-Driven Storytelling: the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing


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Data-driven marketing is predicted to be the next big trend in content marketing. Today, brands are no longer pigeonholed, as they have been for decades, into being just advertisers. Instead, brands have evolved into being publishers of branded data and content that are spread across channels like digital newsrooms, podcasts, social media and more.

The rise of data-driven storytelling comes from the increase in big-data that brands can access and analyze through their customers buying and use patterns. The data-driven trend allows brands to utilize their data in new and innovative ways to connect with their target audience – which helps companies to tell and develop their brand story.

The goal of DDST is to position one’s brand to resonate with their target consumer and ultimately shape the end user’s perspective in favour of their products or services. By doing this, the brand not only builds awareness and familiarity but also creates fans. In short, DDST positions a brand to get attention and to keep it.
One company that is utilizing DDST effectively is the health and fitness company, Jawbone.

Jawbone is a part of the health and wellness market who capitalized on the wearable fitness trend. Jawbone’s fitness trackers capture all types of data, including users caloric intake, physical activity, sleep patterns, and more. The company leverages this data to tell interesting stories across their social media platforms and on their blog. One example is Jawbone used their data to share what people eat and drink on Valentine’s Day.

Jawbone’s recent blog publicized that the Jawbone community logs 124% higher wine consumption and 529% more champagne consumption on Valentine’s Day. The community also eats 71% more pizza and drinks 60% more beer on this day. Women eat 3% less garlic on Valentine’s Day; men consume 37% more—and these are just the people that are being honest!

Jawbone was brilliant to utilize their data to create great content and drive engagement.

In short, your company should start jumping on this trend now and utilize your data that you have available to you and turn it into content on your website, social pages, and advertisements. DDST is a great way to tell your brand story and to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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