Best Practices for SMS Marketing


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In case you missed it, we wrote a blog on a SMS marketing for professional business,’ and we got a great response! So we are now answering your questions about SMS marketing and will dive into best practices, templates, and other interesting questions sent in by you! 

In case you didn’t read our blog about SMS marketing for professionals, you can check it out here.


We know SMS marketing can be super exciting, but before you start blasting out campaigns, you want to know SMS best practices to keep your clients and potential clients happy and raving fans. Here is a simple guide for SMS best practices:

Provide the Option to Opt-Out: 

Allow clients the option to remove themselves from your messaging list if they want to, its just the right thing to do. 

Don’t Message Too Often

Use discretion; there is no “right” amount of frequency to send clients messages. Just put yourself in the shoes of your client concerning your business and industry, if you think it’s the right amount of messaging then go for it, if you’re not sure, ask us! 

Use Images

Depending on the platform you use, you can integrate images into the text message. We recommend this for promotions or holiday messaging, its a nice added touch to a unique marketing medium. 


Here are a few templates that you can use in your SMS marketing campaigns. 

Personalized promotion: 

Hey (customer name), we’d like to thank you for being a valued client! We wanted to share our newest promotion with you. For the next month we are offering wills for ($) to ensure that our clients and their families are protected. Please respond to this text or call the office at (#) to learn more! 

Account activity: 

Hey (Customer name), we’ve received your deposit. It might take (expected time frame) for this money to reach your account. In the meantime, respond to this text if you have any questions. 

Unusual activity: 

Hey (Customer name), we’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account in the last 24 hours. Please review your account as soon as possible. 

Appointment reminder: 

Hey (Customer name), just a reminder that you have a meeting with (Name) tomorrow (date) at 2 pm. We look forward to seeing you! 

Review request: 

Hey (customer name), thanks so much for visiting us today! If you’d like to give us feedback, please review us on Google. 

Loan payment due: 

Hey (customer name), your next payment of $X is due on Monday. Please call us at this number if you have any questions. 

Missed payment: 

Hey (customer name), we have not yet received your payment of $X that was due this Monday. Please pay within 24 hours to avoid being charged a late fee. Call us at this number if you have any questions.  


Some platforms can compromise your client’s data; at Third Eye Insights, we only work with the safest, most secure platforms. 

A platform like BirdEye can help you text your customers while maintaining data security. BirdEye has been rated as Enterprise-ready by the prestigious Skyhigh Networks CloudTrust™ program. Thousands of businesses in the financial services industry use our platform to stay connected with customers and prospects. 

If you want to learn more about text message marketing, reach out to our team today! We are happy to offer a free consultation for your business, where we will audit your business and provide a customized solution for you! 


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