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If you’ve never heard of LinkedIn Creator Mode – you could be missing out on an opportunity to increase your visibility & grow your business on LinkedIn.

As content creators become more and more popular, social platforms are adapting to best serve the needs of this new profession, and LinkedIn has joined in with the addition of “Creator Mode.” 

While you may not consider yourself a Content Creator or Influencer, you shouldn’t write off this feature, especially if you’re a small business owner. This new feature can help increase your visibility & searchability on LinkedIn, which can ultimately lead to increasing your network and brand awareness for your business. 

So, what is Creator Mode?

Creator Mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that allows you to grow your reach & influence on LinkedIn through additional tools and features that help you generate content & grow your audience.

When you turn on Creator Mode, your connect button changes to follow (similar to how a business page looks). Instead of potential clients waiting for you to accept their connection request to view your content, they can see it immediately. They will also continue to be your follower even if you do not accept their request and will only cease to see your content if they actively choose to unfollow you.

This feature lets you update your profile information section to include relevant hashtags based on the type of content you post, making it easier for potential followers to find you based on your specific niche.

Possibly the most important feature included in Creator Mode is that it reorganizes how your profile is displayed to feature your original content. Your Activity & Featured sections will be the first to appear, and the Activity will no longer include your likes & comments on other posts. At first glance, users will see only your original content; only after selecting “view more” will they be able to see likes, comments & other activities.

Creator Mode can be a GAME CHANGER if you are the face and voice of your business.

Additional Features

You may also qualify for other features within Creator Mode like LinkedIn Live & Newsletters. 

These features are only available to users with over 150 connections/followers and who have recently posted original content on the platform.

Newsletters are an essential feature that could really help grow your business and reach. Think of a cross between traditional email marketing newsletters and Linkedin Articles. If you have access to this feature, you will be able to set up a newsletter that alerts your subscribers when you post a new article on the platform.

LinkedIn Live is very similar to Instagram or Facebook Live and can also be an excellent tool for community building and engagement. Live interactions with your followers can instill a sense of community and closeness that can’t be replicated in other forms of social media content.

Important Analytics

Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn’s Creator Mode comes with additional metrics & data that can help you better understand your audience and create meaningful content. 

When in Creator Mode, you will have access to aggregate analytics to show how your profile performs over time.

As far as digital marketing goes, data analytics is one of the most critical aspects of understanding your audience and adjusting your strategy accordingly. Without accurate data, you’re just guessing.

Why is this better than a dedicated Business Page?

While we still recommend creating and actively posting to a business page, the simple truth is that people want to connect with people. 

When users can connect a face and a voice to a company, they’re more likely to interact with that business. When you follow a human, you feel a real connection, like you know that person and their intentions, allowing for more trust and transparency.

A business account can feel cold and disconnected, mainly because you don’t know who’s on the other side when interacting with it.

As a small business owner, you need to take prideful ownership of your business and drive its brand awareness, especially if you work in a service-based industry/profession. Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, etc., should be selling themselves on LinkedIn, and Creator Mode can be a great way to increase reach & engagement.

How do I set up Creator Mode?

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up Creator Mode on your profile!

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