An Expert Investment: Why You Should Consider Hiring a Marketing Consultant for Your Law Firm


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Online marketing campaigns have become more effective than local advertising, referrals, and word of mouth recommendations when it comes to creating and driving new business to law firms. A strong campaign focuses on informing potential clients on your firm’s specific areas of expertise, thereby creating and driving essential new business straight to you. 

As the first point of contact between your firm and a potential client, it is critical that you dedicate appropriate time and effort to building and maintaining your digital marketing campaigns. Lawyers, however, typically do not have an abundance of spare time. That’s why hiring a marketing consultant is one of the smartest investments your firm can make; you’ll not only be able to better direct your own resources, but trust that your strategies are being shaped by expert hands. 

Hiring a marketing consultant also eliminates the difficult task of understanding the complex marketing strategies your firm requires. For example, nearly every campaign will be based on the dynamic, online bidding process for specific key-word searches called pay-per-click marketing, which allow the highest bidder to appear higher up in a relevant query. Successful campaigns will also include the technical strategies of SEO. While SEO has no financial cost, it relies on complex factors like content and backlinks that are best handled by experienced personnel. Managing social media platforms should similarly be delegated to their respective experts, as they present valuable opportunities for advertising and client engagement. 

The right marketing agency will ensure that your firm has a powerful presence in two essential areas: your attention-grabbing and informative website and your carefully curated social media pages. Some additional benefits to hiring a marketing firm include: 

Creativity: Marketing consultants are able to come up with new and exciting presentations for every advertising effort, as well as maintain a unified voice across a variety of platforms.

Cost Efficiency: Marketing experts know exactly when a campaign should run in order to attract the most clients, especially with PPC campaigns. Depending on the size of your firm and budget, your agency may suggest capitalizing on certain periods or creating a steady stream of advertisements. 

Expertise: The wider your online reach, the broader your audience becomes. Choosing a firm with omnichannel experience ensures that you’ve got your foot in the door of every relevant market. 

Tracking: Marketing agents will dedicate the required time, effort, and knowledge to tracking and interpreting the efforts of your marketing efforts. This will allow you to see which phrases are the most effective, while simultaneously tying leafs from campaigns to inquiries received.

New Ideas: The right agency will help your law firm stand apart. Great marketing campaigns are created by experienced, talented individuals that provide perspectives you may have otherwise overlooked. 

If you’re interested in expanding your client base, increasing your profits, and distinguishing your law firm from the rest of the legal world, investing in the right marketing consultants is the easiest decision you ever make. JUNE 10, 2021


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