4 Industry Secrets for Making the Perfect Pitch


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Public Relations success is not random; people do not just get lucky, it takes time, energy and passion for creating a successful pitch that people buy.

The process of achieving a PR victory can be compared to prep a pitcher takes before or during a baseball game. The pitcher begins on the mound by becoming one with his ball, shifting back and forth between his hand and his glove. As the pitcher gets into position, he often digs his feet into the pitching mound and becomes laser-focused on his target. Within a split second, the pitcher launches, shifting his focus to catching the return.

This process should also be applied when preparing for PR triumph.

Let’s break down this play into four simple steps so that you can transition gameplay into successful pitching.  

1. Get into Formation

Getting into the proper position is paramount when aiming to do your job well—it also ensures that you’re in line with your teammates. Setting up your body for the perfect play means becoming one with the ball; by this I mean you must know your brand story, and to be able to tell it with enough passion that anyone listening becomes a fan.

Positioning yourself in the right way not only gets your head in the game but also correctly aligns yourself for a home run. You need to see yourself as an expert, who can tell your brand story with intention, conviction, and inspiration. Dig your heels into that mound and put your whole body, mind, and soul into your plays.

2. Be the Coach, and Be Proud of Your Brand

You need to feel, believe and sell that your brand is a winner. Prepare for your pitch as if you are giving the last press conference before the final game of the World Series. Your team has proved its success, and this is your last statement before the season’s final game. Like all coaches, focus on the benefits of your products and services—not the features. Listeners do not want to hear the “what’s included if you buy my product” spiel; because in doing this, the presenter often loses the opportunity to sell the benefits.

In short, sell your product with passion and become the favorite team.

3. Make it Personal

A successful pitch is tailored and targeted. You must put in the extra effort to make It personal—trust me, it goes a long way. You should NEVER send out mass messages that begin with generic addresses such as “Dear Influencer” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

Instead, use their name and begin the letter with speaking about their work. The key is to be specific, personable, and most importantly, human.

4. Get Ready to Catch the Ball

You want the batter to swing and hit the ball and knock the park out with your message. This is why it is imperative to end your pitch with a call to action.

A call to action can include a sample mockup, image, or literature of your product. You also want to suggest that you are available for a follow-up call or interview where you can provide expert tips or strategies.  If you are trying to get into a print or online publication, you should suggest how they could incorporate your idea into their media.

Providing a call to action is the only way to increase your chances of success, don’t expect people to ask for more, or find ways to incorporate you into their busy schedules. Also, increasing media attention can add SO much value to your portfolio, so it is worth the risk.

Remember, when it comes to your marketing pitch strategy, “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the park. Aim for the company of immortals.” – David Ogilvy


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