Hopkinson Luxury Aircraft Sales

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TEI was hired to rebrand this third-generation legacy aircraft brokerage into a brand that reflects luxury, longevity and trust. The Hopkinson name is well known and respected business internationally, but it was due time for the brand to reflect its legacy and reputation. TEI was hired to take the brand to the next level.
Our biggest focus was to create a strong luxury brand that sold a dream but was also discreet yet timeless. Buying a private plane marks a big milestone in a business and a person’s life, and we wanted the Hopkinson brand to capture this desire and moment.
Once the brand was established, our next focus was to create a viral social media plan that captured the family’s expertise and credibility. Hopkinson’s socials had to speak to current and potential clients. Because the number of people who can buy a plane is so small we needed to rely on virality to help reach potential prospects.

The right photography and visuals were vital to capture and convey Hopkinson as a family-focused, luxury brand. To tell the family’s story, TEI worked with the Hopkinson family to pull photos from the archives and to schedule a memorable photoshoot that captured the 3 generations. TEI worked with Phil Crozier, an acclaimed Canadian photographer to capture the balance of a family dynamic yet a luxury brand.