Canvas Career Counselling

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TEI was hired to help Dr. Britt-Mari Sykes, a career counsellor, to name and brand her unique practice and approach to helping individuals assess their relationship with work. We were tasked with transforming the identity of Britt-Mari’s namesake brand into a balanced, inviting space where people can experience Sykes’ style and approach before the first point of contact is made.
TEI was inspired to capture Britt-Mari’s passion for Scandinavian design and Italian colour palettes while balancing her professional attraction to experiential and existential thinking.

Before working with TEI, Britt-Mari was not very active on social media and had not generated many clients online. TEI was tasked to find Britt-Mari’s primary channel to drive conversions– and through months of testing, learned that Canvas’ audience was most active on Instagram. TEI decided to only focus on this channel, where Britt-Mari has seen great success since.